Farmers markets are deemed essential during COVID-19 and we are doing all we can to ensure your safety. 


We will have 3 hand washing stations, the front of the market will be roped off and only one area for entering and another for exiting so we can control the number of shoppers at one time, we will establish paths for each vendor's tables to have their lines follow the guidelines of social distancing, and will be sanitizing high touch surfaces as often as possible. 

Please do your part to help our market by not coming to the market if you are sick, practice social distancing while waiting on line, don't stay longer at the market than needed to purchase your products so others can come in, contact vendors to see if you can preorder and pick up, and let the vendor touch the item you would like to purchase so less handling by many people. 

COVID-19 is not a food borne illness but wash all produce when you arrive home and remove from packaging as well. 


Thank you for supporting us!